マラヤ ファブロスさん(Malaya Fabros )メッセージが届きました^^

Issho ni Gambarimashou!

Congratulations to everyone for an amazing Peace March this year despite the challenges we all face during this pandemic. At the beginning of May, we thought all the Peace Marches across Japan will be cancelled. But it was amazing to see how things evolved and how everyone took the courage to continue to show up for the campaign while still following community safety guidelines. This pandemic has indeed challenged us to be more creative in expressing the peace march and our dedication to promote peace and understanding.




As we join the online This Week’s Peace March sessions every Friday, I observed recurring messages from different prefectural representatives. One is taking on the courage to carry out our peace campaign no matter what – because this is the right thing to do. And also because – despite this pandemic, unjust activities relating to nuclear weapons / militarism still continue.




Second is that I observed an even stronger call to prioritize human welfare above military spending. While this call has been existing even before, this pandemic has given a stronger context for this message.




Thirdly, this time has also enabled us to more concretely express the link between the nuclear weapons issue to many other issues our society faces, like racial and economic justice, climate change; and militarism – to name a few.




Lastly, it is very warming to see the involvement of young people. I remember one Saturday session with Gensuikyo where I was asked how to bridge the gap between young people and the more seasoned activists in the movement. At that time, my reply was reaching out to all ages through different mediums.




 Lately, I also realized that it would help to accept within ourselves that societies are organic beings and that expressions and contexts change over the years. Our style of campaign will / might not be the same in the future, but the message and the heart will surely remain. In this way, we can embrace the capacities and eagerness of younger people’s expressions. In this way also, we empower them to take on the campaign using their own expressions. This I believe I have been seeing in the Aichi Peace March when I join them.




May you all continue to thrive and always keep safe. I hope to see all of you again face to face. Keep safe everyone. Even from afar, we keep walking with all of you. Issho ni Gambarimashou!




Malaya Fabros マラヤ ファブロス



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